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Taking Action for Wildlife supports communities, conservation groups, and individuals with resources, tools, and training for conserving New Hampshire's wildlife and habitats.

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Do you live near a salt marsh? Or maybe you’ve visited a NH beach and noticed the nearby marshes? If so, one of the coolest evolutionary stories may…
For those working to conserve and manage New Hampshire’s wildlife and habitats, wildlife corridors have become a primary focus in recent years.
Every 10 years, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department revises the state’s Wildlife Action Plan, and the 2025 revision is currently underway.
People tend to associate wildlife track and sign with game species like deer and moose, but they're often surprised to learn you can also…
When the Stoddard Conservation Commission learned about the sale of 40 acres of forest and 4,000 feet of rare undeveloped shoreland along Highland…
"Exurban” areas lie between suburban and rural. An increase in human development in these once-rural places means that both wildlife species and…