Demonstrate Sound Stewardship on Town Land

helping wildlife sign

Sustainably managing town-owned land for wildlife habitat provides an opportunity to be good example of sound stewardship practices for the community. When management is driven by research-based methods and and professional assistance, town lands can showcase habitat management techniques and Best Management Practices (BMPs). Your UNH Cooperative Extension County Forester or Wildlife Specialist can provide your town with more information about a property, what natural resources are available, and potential management options.

Towns can teach by example. Working with a licensed forester or natural resources professional to develop a management plan is an important step in demonstrating sound stewardship methods. When a habitat management technique or timber harvest is implemented, host a public tour of the property to educate other landowners in town on the benefits of managing for wildlife. Using signs can also be an effective way to convey the benefits of habitat management to people in town who might visit a public property.

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