Educate Local Landowners About Land Conservation

people looking at mountains

If you would like to encourage neighbors and friends to think about conserving their land, you can help coordinate a program with your local land trust or conservation commission. The meeting can be a simple neighbor gathering with friends that includes a brief presentation from a land trust on land protection options for landowners.  If you are really excited about a specific project and your town has developed a focus area to protect, you may want to attract more people to a larger event. The feature presentation may focus on a special topic of interest like local rare wildlife and habitat. You can use the event as an opportunity to invite land trust staff to attend and be available for questions about conservation options for landowners.  Landowner education involves building a relationship with your conservation commission or open space committee.  Consider writing letters to help landowners learn more about the unique habitats on their property and include habitat stewardship brochures from the Taking Action for Wildlife team.

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