Host an Invasive Plant Workday

person pulling out invasive plants

Often, chemical control of invasive plants isn’t an option and mechanical control is the only way to manage invasive plants in an area. In these situations, many hands make light work, and volunteers can be an effective way to help achieve invasive plant management goals. Involving volunteers in these workdays also helps increase the network of individuals who are aware of issues related to invasive plants.

Organizing a community invasive plant workday is something anyone can do. In fact, invasive plant control is the kind of large scale problem that is only accomplished through the work of many groups, many people, many methods, and many hands. If you want to make a difference, try working with your local Conservation Commission, land trust, or public lands manager to offer help in organizing a volunteer workday.

More Information

UNH Cooperative Extension has resources to help like the Workday 101 Training Guide, available through the Nature Groupie website, which has lots of information about how to host a workday. Our state also has many natural resource professionals who can offer guidance and help. Once you've planned a workday, you can submit the event to the Nature Groupie calendar for access to a free online registration system and promotion in the weekly e-newsletter.

For more information on how to provide education and training to volunteers in recognizing, mapping, and controlling invasive plants in their communities, see the Stewardship Training Guide on Invasive Plant Identification, Mapping, and Control.