Easton - Got Wildlife?

The Town of Easton, in northern Grafton County, has a way with coming up with catchy names. Their “Pastry and Preservation” conservation events have drawn local residents to enjoy good food and learn about the town’s natural resources. So no big surprise that they came up with “Got Wildlife?”, a creative activity to engage residents in recording wildlife sightings in town. They hung a map of town right outside the town clerk’s office (with permission, of course!) where there are often residents standing in line. A pen hung from a string, and a notepad and some small round stickers were posted alongside. Residents were encouraged to place a sticker on the map where they had spotted a wildlife species in town, give the sticker a number and then write down what species were seen on the notepad (using the corresponding number). Since then, this has become a popular activity in several communities across the state - the maps have been taken to town meetings, voting days, Old Home Days and other local events. All that is needed is a laminated copy of the Wildlife Action Plan Habitats map, a set of easy-peel sticky dots, a couple of pens and a notepad! This activity has been very successful in engaging a variety of people from around town to provide input and also learn more about the critical wildlife habitats in their community. Learn how your town can conduct the Community Wildlife Sightings Activity.