Series of photos showing habitat management, pileated woodpecker, compass in hand, and group of people in the woods.

In September, we welcomed 5 new communities (23 participants) to the 2nd annual Community Conservation Cohort, hosted by Taking Action for Wildlife. This year, we have teams from Eaton, Lebanon, Lisbon, Plymouth and Warner with representatives from conservation commissions, planning boards, and interested citizen volunteers. Interest in the cohort program was high, with 11 communities applying for the 2021 program.

This in-depth training program, held from September – November (virtual again in 2021), is providing participants with the tools and skills they need to engage their community in actions to protect wildlife and natural resources, while gaining the camaraderie of a cohort of colleagues in conservation. Participants are learning about the history of New Hampshire's conservation landscape, wildlife and habitats, wildlife corridors, climate change, using online mappers, community engagement methods, and more via presentations, discussions, and case studies.

In addition to training, each community gets TAFW staff support with a hands-on wildlife conservation project of their choosing. Projects could include land conservation efforts, habitat management planning, trails work, outreach and education, or other tools to reach each community's goals. The 2021 cohort participants are starting to plan their projects which they will spend the winter working on, with their fellow community participants. We can’t wait to share the results of their efforts in the spring!

The next Community Conservation Cohort will start in September 2022, with applications being accepted June – July, 2022. Interested in applying? Let us know and we will add you to the list to receive the 2022 application materials! In the meantime, find more details on our web page.

Fall 2021 Taking Action for Wildlife Newsletter